TKS Distribution

Proud to be a Schneider Authorised Solar Distributor.

About Us

TKS Distribution is a subsidiary of Trackos Projects (Pty) Ltd, a team of Solar engineers with many years of experience in the industry.

Solar installations are no longer a new concept in Southern Africa and many megawatts have already been installed by various providers.

After having studied a number of these installations over an extended period of time, we found the Schneider product to be superior in performance in the Southern African environment.

When Schneider therefore approached us to be a distributor for Southern Africa, it was an easy decision to make.  The Schneider offering is so cleverly designed, that with a relatively small range of products, it fulfils the majority of requirements.

The Schneider product is for the discerning user, where quality and performance are a non-negotiable. 

We offer full technical support and training services to our network of System Integrators across all SADEC countries from our network of support centres in South Africa and Botswana.

TKS Distribution, together with Schneider Solar, are committed to developing and training a network of certified Schneider System Installers.  It is important that the quality of installation matches the quality of product for optimum performance.



Grid-Tied String Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

Charge Controllers


Communications/Energy Management


It is imperative that systems are professionally installed in order to gain the full advantage of the advanced features of the Schneider Solar products.

Training is offered to systems engineers and installers at our Training Centre in Centurion and other major centres.  System installers who have successfully completed the training can receive Certification as an Advanced Solar Specialist.

Channel Partners

Resellers can register on this portal to become Channel Partners. If approved, access is given to the online shop for ease of ordering and online account management.